Are You Already Slacking On Your Resolutions?

Ok so I guess I’ve abandoned this blog been away long enough.  So let’s get this party started…..again.

It’s a brand spanking new year and judging by the decreasing amount of cars in the gym parking lot it’s about that time where some of us start to slack on our mile long list of New Year’s resolutions.  I know we are all tired of hearing the cliché Continue reading

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Its been 8 months since my last post and as much as I’ve missed writing I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down at this laptop and release.  My thoughts were constipated.  Restricted by a cluster of what I had left in my past, what was happening in my present, and the uncertainty of my future. Until this morning, when the overwhelming feeling of blockage and the lack of productivity went away and the yearning to discover and create my “what’s next” overcame me.

In 2013 I had returned from my “break from life as a knew it”, relocated to a new city, met my “real thang”, lost my grandfather, moved away from that “new city”, was technically homeless and living out of my car, lost my cousin, made the decision to go back to the career I never wanted to be in again, was nearly broke, accepted a job offer in a place I never thought I’d return to in order to be closer to family, after relocating to said place with my +1 ceased communication with a few people from said family, got engaged, and this list would go on if I wasn’t so annoyed by this ridiculously long and inappropriate run-on sentence. Let’s just summarize this paragraph by saying that my life has changed drastically in the last year.  So much so that I had been feeling like I didn’t know who or where I was at this stage in my life.  I had released control, life was happening all around me but it seemed so foreign to me that I thought for sure I had taken a wrong turn somewhere along my journey.  But I hadn’t…..

Before I left the country in 2012, I gave away 90% of my belongings.  The things I kept could be found in the eight Tupperware bins that I was storing in a corner in my mothers basement or in the 38 liter backpack I carried as I traveled solo through 12 countries.  I didn’t realize it until this morning but although my intention for leaving was to “find myself ” I had actually left myself behind.  I honestly thought my insane drive to be successful, slight OCD, overachiever-like behavior, deep passion for helping others’ succeed, and my never ending need to create were characteristics I had subconsciously developed to cover up the hurt and pain from my youth. You don’t have time to think about being molested when you’re always busy.  When you have a job and four businesses on the side you don’t stop to concern yourself with abusive relationships and other matters from the past.  But this way of thinking was incorrect.  All those things ARE what makes ME…ME!  I do have a slight case of OCD and will absolutely freak out if all of my cans, boxes, and clothes on the hanger in my OR your house aren’t positioned in the same direction.  I do have a passion for encouraging others and helping them to succeed.  I am insanely driven and AM and will continue to BE successful.

The foundation on which my life was built on before was easily penetrable.  It was composed of anger, sadness, and hurt.  But I kept primping and painting the house on top with hopes that no one would pay attention to the cracks in my foundation.  This new foundation is still flawed, because I’m human, but it’s stronger than ever. Fear and doubt have never been in my personal vocabulary and they won’t be introduced now.  This morning I gave myself permission to start rebuilding on my new and improved foundation and I am so looking forward to the renovations.

Sometimes God allows you to go through uncomfortable situations so you can use them to propel you to that next level. I created this blog so I could do just that.  I wanted to be transparent in hopes of helping someone else.  To encourage someone who may have been going through a similar trial in their life.  And while I succeeded in doing that I’m not quite sure who gave me the permission to close this book just because I had returned to the states and completed one chapter of my journey.  As long as I have the words in my belly, so will I write.  I will continue to use this gift as a vehicle.  I’ve said it here many times that my pen is my therapy but now I’m on a journey to use it as therapy for others.

Happy New Year and God Bless you all.

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I’m Possible

I was recently on a telephone conversation trying to gather some information for a move I’m trying to make in regard to my career.  The cat on the phone seemed more than eager to tell me that what I was trying to accomplish was “impossible”.  He had repeated this word about 5 times in a matter of seconds. Before I knew it I had completely shut him down by replying, Continue reading

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….in peace.

This post (well any post for that matter) is well over due.  It isn’t that I haven’t thought about writing.  My pen is definitely my therapy….it has been for 30 years.  I think I’ve been apprehensive to put thoughts to paper for fear that I wasn’t ready to release and inhale what I was feeling.

For the last few weeks I’ve been grieving the loss of my right hand man…my biggest supporter…my one man cheering section…the man who has set the bar so high for any man who will ever come in to my life…my grandpa.  He passed away on March 30th and ever since that 6 am call I had been feeling as though my heart stopped beating also.  Like I too had taken my last breath. Continue reading

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Baby I’m back

I’ve read stories about people coming back home after long term travel abroad and it being difficult for them to readjust or find their place in the world.  After having so many off the wall, unexpected, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences on a daily basis it can be a shock to the system to come back to mediocrity.  I had planned to take a few months to regroup and think about all that I had accomplished and realized during my travels and how exactly to incorporate that in to my “new life”.  However Continue reading

The art of serenity


Although a tad bit harsh you have to admit that you can’t get any more real than the statement above. I will absolutely admit that as a teenager….I used to be some what of a hothead.  While that didn’t include embarrassing myself in public if things didn’t go my way, anyone (and I mean anyone) who didn’t do right by me would feel the wrath. Continue reading

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So after a month of being back in the states I just have one thing to say…. “IT IS ‘SPENSIVE AS HECK TO LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES”.

Some new and extremely foolish person that I recently met insinuated that my reason for returning back to the states was probably because Continue reading

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I’m Alive

Happy New Year to everyone!!

Just sending a quick note to let you all know that I am alive.  Thank you to all who have sent me emails expressing your concern. I totally intend to return all emails and calls in the next couple of days. I also have about 5 posts sitting in draft mode and tons of updates.  The new posts will be starting with a “December 18th” post so be sure to read from that date forward on your next visit.

Everything will be up to date by Monday the 28th.

Peace and Blessings,

Miss Venus

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